Making the decision to commense on the journey of hair restoration is no small thing. We understand that you are going to be looking carefully for the right clinic. Let us assure you that we know exactly what we are doing in terms of Scalp Micropigmentation or Follicle Replication.

We are not only a chain of high-end medical spa that specialize in cutting edge hair restoration techniques but our sister company Eternal Beauty Medical Esthetics Training Institute actually teaches all modalities of Medical Tattooing including Scalp Micropigmentation and Scalp Microblading. So you can be assured that when you decide to make the decision to have a service in our clinic that you will be in the best and most qualified hands.

First Contact:
Most clients like to gather a lot of information before making the decisions to have Scalp Micropigmentation. We invite you to look at our online portfolio. Keep in mind that many many of our clients do come in for a free consultation before booking the main procedure.

We also have men and women that have an up coming wedding or event and need to book immediately and we are also very able to book you in for a treatment without a consultation.

We can work with any hair-loss issue:
For thinning hair in Men we can achieve a density increasing treatment that gives the optical illusion of a fuller head of hair. It usually apears as if you have double or thirple the amount of hair when you can not detect the light scalp underneith.

For Women with thinning hair we apply the same denisty treatment to disguise the look of the scalp and thusly creating the look of a very full head of hair.


SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation for Men) This procedure will mimic the small follicles that grow over the scalp area. We use a specialized group of medical machines and very well balanced natural mineral pigments to achieve outstanding results.

SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation for Women) many many women due to health issues lose their hair. So some even though they wear a hair system (wig) do not like the look of their bald head when they see their image in the mirror. So we can do the same treatment for women as we do for men. It gives them a funky and edgy look that appears as if they have a shaved head.

Scalp Microblading for Women: Ideally for Women that have lost their hair we have an intagrated program. This includes microblading their scalp to make it appear that they have a cute pixy cut hair cut. It is much more feminine than SMP and gives that girly edge to that scalp micropigmentation procedure.

Scalp Microblading for Men: There are some cases due to the curl of ones hair or the ethnic aethetics that requires us to microblade a man’s scalp as well. We assess each client case by case to ensure we create the most beautiful and sexy hairline for our clients

Ethnic Clients and SMP: not all heads are created equal. Every case varies in the shape and design we must create. We have found that with ethnic groups their is a best fix for most of our clients in terms of the unique design we create.

African Hair Line: Men and Women of Color absolutely have their own amazing vibe going on. They can wear unique hairlines and often very edgy looks that most other client groups can not pull off. We welcome our clients to bring in images of their favourite movie star or singer so we can mimic the look and attain exactly what our client want in terms of their own hair design

Women of Colour just as the men can pull off some really cool looking SMP work. We can get really creative.

Working on darker skin tones will present different challanges than working with lighter skin tones. We aim to educate all of our clientelle on what we can achieve for them and how we can blend their goals and dreams into what we can create in the clinic for them.

Eastern – Asian Cultures and SMP: We find that many many many of our clients are Indian, Arab, Asian and Spanish/ Mexican.
These skin tones are the most ideal for SMP and Scalp Micropigmentation procedures. Because the pigmentation level that is in their skin is a lovely base colour for our technicians to work on. We find in most cases these cultures require the least amount of touch up visits and have the best possible out come in terms of pigments settling into the skin.

White Skin Tone and SMP: Just as with coloured skin tones the lack of pigment can be challanging. We often need to start with a lighter tone of skin to ensure that we have the best possible result and we do not back ourselves into a corner in terms of creating something on the light skinned client that is too dark. With that said we can create beautiful natural looking hairline in a range of gental pigments. It is important to note that usually it is our light skinned clients that make the most visits to the clinic as we light to build their SMP up gradually so it looks ultra-natural.

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